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Xya and Siskataya Out As Admins at Gaia

As of Friday, September 1st, both admins Xya and Siskataya were let go from Gaia Interactive. Gaia Interactive CEO, Lanzer, had the following to say in Site Feedback in a user's thread addressing the layoffs: Hello...


Clans of Battle: Part III - "The Mafias"

The interconnectedness of the clans in the 'CoB' was extraordinary. Unlike traditional 'hangout' threads or 'platform/genre' roleplay, clans in the system were inextricably connected. Part of this connectivity stemmed from The Ghost Lord or Eastern...


Gaia Confirms Plan For New Socialized Economy

Earlier in June, lanzer proposed a radical new economic model for Gaia and most people missed it. On Tuesday, Lanzer confirmed that Gaia would be moving toward a more socialized economy when the new gold grant...


GU Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary of TGL

"Hello, call me Giovanni. I am a representative of The Gaian Mafia Clan. This is a formal declaration of war. We have no reason, just that we hate you. Don't ask question, we want war....


Welcome to Brand New Gaians United Site!

For anyone who's brand new, we hope you enjoy the web experience now offered at Gaians United. This site was designed with Gaians in mind with an immersive, mobile layout. We wanted to bring you the...

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Testing New Site Layout - July 25th

We will be testing a new site layout on July 25th, 2017. Please disregard any third-party links or default documentation. There will be bugs and the site may have low functionality. Please bear with us as...


Clans of Battle: Part II - "Aost"

Aost wasn't simply a user. Aost was an icon who played a critical role in the Clans of Battle's history. As a part of our historical series chronicling segments of the Clans of Battle, we present...