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Will Platinum Grant System Skyrocket Inflation?

So we've heard quite a bit from lanzer in recent weeks about structural changes to gold grants and a gold-to-platinum exchange. Here's a few bullet points of what was announced in early May: A New System...

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Gaians United Twitter Begins Dank

.@gaiaonline Here's some of our 'Best of' the Dank Memes thread. #PeopleOverProcedures— Gaians United (@gaiansunited) June 30, 2017 .@gaiaonline Here's some of our 'Best...

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Gaia's New "Help" Center

We have some changes coming to our Help Center! Read about it here --->— Gaia Online (@gaiaonline) June 9, 2017 As of June 9th, 2017 Gaia announced a new Help...