The interconnectedness of the clans in the 'CoB' was extraordinary. Unlike traditional 'hangout' threads or 'platform/genre' roleplay, clans in the system were inextricably connected. Part of this connectivity stemmed from The Ghost Lord or Eastern Order incident. These events forced clans to interact with one another and inspired deep, long-lasting alliances.

However, the Clans of Battle's mafia organizations were particularly special because of a propensity for intelligence gathering, a interest in gaining wealth and above all else, the sense of loyalty between members. Most mafia families had several alliances, however, they were interested in intelligence gathering primarily because system ideologues like the Illuminating Society and Knights Templar clans would pay to dig dirt on their enemies.

Following the Illuminating Society's creation in May 2008, intense intelligence apparatuses were built by both the society and the Knights Templar clan. Many smaller clans allied with either side in order to gain relevance. However, the drawback to these alliances was that the small newly-allied clans were often the target of insurgencies and served as proxies in a larger "Cold War" between the Society and KT.

Due to this inescapable paradigm forced upon new users visiting the clans, many users opted to join mafia families during this time in order to sideline themselves from attacks. Despite the natural draw to be isolated, most mafias were far from true "isolationists". Often times, the internal structure of mafias were more rigid and built on loyalty to the 'Don'.

For mafias, staying out of the fray was considered a virtue. Yet it was unacceptable to be left out of the loop. As a credit to the leadership of incredible users like Don Dragonetti, Vito DeAngelo, and Don Corelli, mafias didn't only exist in the Clans of Battle. Mafias made the Clans of Battle. This is the story of each family.

The Dragonetti Family

The Dragonetti Family was first introduced on July 6th, 2007 as the "Gaia Mafia Clan". Led by, Don Dragonetti, this mafia was the grandfather to all major mafia clans in the Clans of Battle forum.

On July 18th, 2007 one of the more established members of the newly formed Dragonetti Family, Giovanni DellaRocco, had this to say to his fellow clan-mates:

"to be honest with you, you are all complete disappointments. I check back in on you all from time to time and all i see are the capos posturing, biting my style, and jawing with each other - and whatever fool comes knocking looking for membership. Nobody is telling their soldiers what to do, and when they do, the work apparently proves to be too hard for them. Disgraceful, i am absolutely disgusted".

DellaRocco was emulating the 'mafia' mentality down to every popular characterization he knew. But far from roleplay, DellaRocco was quite serious. Everyone in the Gaia Mafia Clan was. It was time to accumulate resources and get ahead of other clans and not everyone seemed on the same page. In expressing disappointment, DellaRocco was setting the stage for an environment based on compelling necessity rather than the pleasantries often associated with a hangout thread.

Remarkably, when Don Dragonetti returned the next day, he didn't tell DellaRocco to cool down. Instead, he reinforced DellaRocco's ultimatum saying:

"Please STOP sending me messages if it's not important. Also, To those whiners out there that are complaining about Giovanni being an a**, JUST STFU and listen to him, if he is being mean its because he only means the best for you guys, trust me on that!"

It was clear then that, because of the supported internal drive and cohesiveness that existed, the Gaia Mafia Clan would likely have an indelible impact on the Clans of Battle. If anyone truly remembered the Gaia Mafia Clan though, it was due to a user named 'The Ghost Lord' who made his first appearance in the Gaia Mafia Clan's thread on July 20th, 2007.

The Ghost Lord started by asking for admittance to the GMC with a naked avatar, claiming he had been recently hacked:

"I do want to join if you'll let me... And I'm not a frickin suckup like some of these people. I know respect and loyalty, but I'm not a suckup. I'll let you know the truth and my mind. Thanks".

If patience was a virtue, The Ghost Lord was no Mother Theresa. He poked and prodded at the clan thread, asking for the attention of Don Dragonetti. This came at much the annoyance to GMC member, Prince1Darien, who had the following to say to The Ghost Lord:

"He is busy just like the rest of the clan. the boss has given everyone very specific jobs tailoring to their skills and abilities, and everyone is doing their best to not let him down. if you really are serious about joining this clan, I suggest you work on making some money so that you can put some clothes on and present yourself in a professional manner that doesn't embarrass the clan. we have standards".

This met The Ghost Lord with much disagren, who promptly responded with disgust toward Prince1Darien: "...unless you are the frickin leader don't talk to me about standards!"

At the time, a relatively mild-mannered Capo, Vito23, responded to The Ghost Lord:

What you are doing now is insulting one of our best soldiers, and you're lowering the chances of joining our clan.Be patient and have Respect for the higher ranks".

Prince1Darien added to the already heated exchange calling The Ghost Lord "a punk". And thus... a firestorm began.

After Vito asked The Ghost Lord to apologize to Prince1Darien, he fired back saying:

"Vito, you are not my capo. I'm not even a part of this clan. So I don't need to have direct respect with you. And you are supposed to be tough in the Mafia. Not some crony, pushover little girls like most of you are. I've been reading the stuff you guys post and it can be pretty gay. But I was gonna let it go cause I wanted in the Mafia. I wasn't gonna say anything. But now I'm done. I'm done with you guys. You think you are all big and bad. Cause you are part of some little mafia. You guys are way too into this thing. Screw you. It's been fun".

On July 25th, 2007, Don Dragonetti finally replied, for the first time, to The Ghost Lord saying:

"TGL, you are not welcome here, you disrespected my Family".

This started a series of exchanges that lasted all day between The Ghost Lord and other members of the Dragonetti Family. Ultmately, TGL left the thread that evening saying:

Hey I'm leavin. So see ya guys tomorrow. Cause I'll be back."

On July 26th, 2007, a date that will live in infamy in the Clans of Battle's lore, The Ghost Lord went to almost every established clan thread posing as a leader of the Gaia Mafia Clan. TGL had declared war on many, many clans in the name of the GMC. At the time, no clan had any real enemies, but all clans had a placeholder for them. Very few clans had allies, but almost everyone wanted a reason to form one.

Only minutes later, the following clans had replied to TGL's declaration in the Gaia Mafia Clan, formally declaring war or making their own conditional declaration:

  • Demons of Destruction at 10:36 PM - July 25th, 2007
  • Order V at 11:20 PM - July 25th, 2007
  • The Chess Pieces at 9:16 AM - July 26th, 2007
  • Clan of the Forest at 9:16 AM - July 26th, 2007
  • Elite of the Dynasty at 9:27 AM - July 26th, 2007
  • The Lunar Emperor Clan at 9:33 AM - July 26th, 2007
  • The Druid Clan at 9:39 AM - July 26th, 2007
  • Gangs of Gaia at 10:12 AM - July 26th, 2007
  • The Dark Warriors Clan at 10:35 AM - July 26th, 2007
  • The Royal Order of Gaian Knights at 10:39 AM - July 26th, 2007
  • Utsusemi No Kage at 10:58 AM - July 26th, 2007
  • The Pendantic Dandelions at 11:18 AM - July 26th, 2007
  • Clan of Elite Warriors at 12:11 PM - July 26th, 2007
  • Twilight Battalion at 12:37 PM - July 26th, 2007
  • Fury Clan at 1:53 PM - July 26th, 2007
  • The Gotei 13 at 2:54 PM - July 26th, 2007
  • Clan Covenant at 3:11 PM - July 26th, 2007
  • Gaian Assassins at 4:22 PM - July 26th, 2007
  • League of Gaian Assassins at 9:01 PM - July 26th, 2007
  • The Clan at 10:05 AM - July 27th, 2007
  • Lust for Chaos at 8:54 AM - July 30th, 2007

A few days after the attack, the GMC was at the pity of most major clans. The general from Lunar Emperor Clan, Luc, led a long-form investigation against The Ghost Lord which ultimately resulted in several alliances forming behind the scenes. The GMC would ultimately fully recover from the attack and grow in size modestly over time.

Later that year, the Gaia Mafia Clan renamed itself the Dragonetti Family. Key members such as Vito23 and Giovanni DellaRocco changed their names to Vito Dragonetti and Rocco Dragonetti. The family even grew to respect The Ghost Lord as a regular in the thread who ultimately helped give them a sense of place and direction in the Clans of Battle.

The ultimate irony is that no user could as capable unite so many people as The Ghost Lord ultimately did.

On February 1st, 2008, Vito Dragonetti became Vito DeAngelo, leaving the Dragonetti family to become the Don of his new DeAngelo family.

Vito didn't leave as an act of hostility in the slightest. But he saw an opportunity to take the reigns of a new endeavor and took it. He did make it a point to offer an alliance to the Dragonetti Family. However, the broad consensus was that by February 2008, the Dragonetti Family was without leadership from its Don and a new family was needed to survive the legacy.

The Dragonetti Family ultimately died in October 2008 following a light-hearted conversation between The Ghost Lord and Don Dragonetti.

The DeAngelo Family

The DeAngelo Family was arguably the most interconnected clan in the history of Gaia. It was a true 'mafia' in every sense of the word, except that Vito himself didn't like the word, mafia, and would often ask people to refer to his clan as a 'family'. Vito was a class act, like his predecessor, Don Dragonetti. But Vito was in the truest sense, a clan leader. He was in control of his alliances, on tap with every movement made across the forums, and most of all, in tune with his members' requests.

Vito didn't look to the sky for inspiration nor did he rely on others' opinion of him to determine his role in the Clans of Battle. Rather, he focused on what was measurable and relied on only the lightest and most appropriate portion of his gut to determine the best path forward.

Inscribed on the front page of the DeAngelo Family thread reads "DEXTRO PEDE", Latin for "Put your best foot forward". There is no doubt that it what Vito DeAngelo did while the Don of this family.

The DeAngelo Family's first members began setting out a path for gold acquisition and wealth building. They did so with evading the marketplace tax in separate threads. For the most part, the drama in early February 2008 was mostly contained to small skrimishes between Dragonetti family members who felt like Vito had prematurely abandoned them.

By Feburary 8th, 2008 though, a new player, Chitzu (a mule of Luc's), was creating a lot of drama. He claimed that Vito had abandoned the Dragonetti Family in an attempt to powergrab and was not loyal.

Chitzu boldly proclaimed:

"I'm accusing Vito because he doesn't give me info I want, and I know he has... once he shows me that info, I'll stop accusing him".

"One Day when I am long banned you will look back, and wish that you had me back. I did... with my clan leader. But he left, because no one really liked him. Smart guy... not my famous clan leader, but another clan leader... even though he left, he still is a good part of what makes up my strategies. So when you look back, Link will definitely be missed when I become banned".

"It might take months or years, but yes... you will remember at least, Link_of_Chaos0911 and Chitzu".

It was to this that Miyamori Mayu, leader of a burgeoning intelligence clan called the Shinsengumi Clan, promptly responded with a well-timed drama llama emoji.

To all this, Vito DeAngelo classically replied:

"Alright fellas, cut the crap.
No more fighting and bad language. There are ladies roun' here, so I want you to be at your best behavior from now on"

It was not in Vito's nature to fight stupidity. To do so would pleasure its existence and feed its ill-nature. And if Vito DeAngelo was about anything after his time spent as Vito23 from the Dragonetti Family, it was that he cared to make it past the noise machine that was Luc.

Vito spent the early weeks of his newfound family tracking the financial progress of his new members. He was particularly interested in how his new Capos were progressing as if he thought of them in a way prideful parents think of their children. By February 17th, 2008, almost 150 pages had gone by. Vito was extraordinarily proud of what had been accomplished and would get after anyone who typed 'family' without an uppercase 'F'. He had reason to believe he had created a successful clan and he was correct. The DeAngelo Family was perhaps the fastest growing clan since the earliest days of the Clans of Battle.

In April 2008, the user Dino Carmillo, entered the thread. Dino was a bit sly while he acted 'overly friendly' toward another regular DeAngelo member, konluver. This led Vito to become defensive and ultimately set the tone for a tricky relationship between Vito and Dino.

After Dino took offense to Vito's initial stand-off, Vito responded:

"By the way, Who the * you think you are? You're not even a made-man, which means you are no one, you are just a little mutt who goes around and does whatever that overgrown slug tells you to, when a higher rank talks you will listen, "back down" and shut up".

Vito went on to make fun of the Carmillo name referring to them as 'slugs'. To which Dino responded:

"I believe and if I could change it I would change it to Cavone".

Soon after the interchange, Dino Carmillo later changed his name to Dino Cavone. In May 2008, Dino joined ranks with Luc and Aost in forming the five leader, Novus Ordo, clan. Cavone would later change his name to, Corelli and create his own brand.

For most of 2008, the DeAngelo Family was a hangout that many, many clans felt welcomed in. Despite Vito's rough edges, his ability to effectively lead was astounding. The DeAngelo Family lasted for nearly a year and did so in the most tumultuous year of the Clans of Battle forum.

Vito DeAngelo's final post was on January 14th, 2009. His friends reported that he was permabanned across all of his accounts. He was one of the most missed figures in Clans of Battle history.

The Saint Family

The Saint Family is a very interesting and historic mafia clan. Unlike the DeAngelo Family, the Saint Family was spawned on its own rather than forming as a result of a break-a-way from an earlier mafia clan. The Saint Family was particularly interesting because it established a felt presence in the Clans of Battle that no leaders ever truly had a full read-on.

Established on February 17th, 2008, its leader, Sergio Saint posted:

"We are The Saint Family, Soon to be one of the most notorious Families on Gaia".

Indeed, the Saint Family would always seemingly 'soon to be' one of the most notorious families on Gaia.

In the early days of the Saint Family, DeAngelo members such as konluver and Carmillo family members like Dino Carmillo would come to visit. Along with Sergio Saint, they made up most of the posting. When the Carmillo died shortly after the Saint Family started, Sergio Saint asked Dino whether he planned to create his own mafia to which he replied "Hell no". Dino had other plans.

Despite Dino Cavone's rocky relationship with Vito DeAngelo, Dino and Sergio Saint were good friends and often joked with one another in the Saint family. Sergio was much more friendly than the Dragonettis, DeAngelos, or Carmillo families. Some found a draw to it while others didn't quite as much.

One user, in particular, was fond of Sergio Saint's leadership. The Saint Family member, FTW Kitten, was a masterful member who engaged in counterintelligence and espionage across the clans. Despite not making this known until many years later, FTW Kitten actively took a read of many clans from the veil of the 'friendly' and 'non-combative' Saint Family. As a side note, FTW Kitten later inherited the role of 'Aost' from Azurux in 2014 and re-started the Illuminating Society many years later with many of its former members.

For the most part, Sergio Saint assisted Luc and Dino Cavone, who later formed his own mafia: The Corelli Family. Together, these three leaders helped each other in order to combat the efforts of larger clans and the Illuminating Society's network.

In 2010, Sergio Saint worked with Luc in forming a clan called 'The Awakening Clan' and transformed a small remnant of the Saint Family into a split-off clan named the 'Gaia Criminal Investigative Service' or GCIS. Despite the effort, this lasted for a matter of months before it ultimately died due to inactivity.

The Corelli Family

Months after having told Sergio Saint, "hell no" to the prospect of being a clan leader, Dino Cavone, finally decided to become a mafia boss. This wasn't an unexpected move. Dino Cavone had an incredible run as a freelance moving between the Saint Family and DeAngelo Family. He was well known for his level-headed behavior and relatively solid relationship across the families. Perhaps most importantly, he was on a solid foundation with Luc, who he had joined with just one month prior to co-lead the Novus Ordo clan.

It was in private conversation between Dino and Luc that Luc prodded Dino into finally creating his own clan. Despite months of reservation, Dino took the leap of faith and created his own family, naming it, The Corelli Family, at Luc's suggestion.

It was a brilliant success. Growing to ultimately become even larger than the DeAngelo Family, the Corelli Family was the largest mafia clan Gaia had ever known. Dino, now known as "Don Corelli", rose in status as one of the all-time greatest clan leaders in the Clans of Battle.

The Corelli Family was formed on June 13th, 2008. It began with a recruitment boom. Straight off the bat, several acquaintances whom the new Don had met in his prior freelancing journey wanted to be his eyes and ears in the clans. People like Zombie Neith, thinkinghurts321, and Thymen quickly stepped out as leaders themselves. They actively recruited and the thread moved extremely quickly.

Despite some of Don Corelli's early successes though, the Corelli Family was predominately run internally by ZombieNeith, thinkinghurts321 and Thymen whom all had their own ways of doing things and disagreed with one another often. Unlike the leadership of Vito DeAngelo or Sergio Saint, Don Corelli was more attuned to the cold war occurring between Luc's Knights Templar Clan and Azurux's Illuminating Society. Rather than keeping his head down and focusing on the internal structure, Corelli focused most of his effort toward supporting Luc and expanding the Corelli alliance network.

In dramatic fashion, Corelli's avoidance of internal strife ultimately led to the Corelli Family disbanding in September 2008. Zombie Neith started her own, Estacado Family. Thinkinghurts321 began her own, DeLeon Family. And Thymen started his Molizzo Family.

On September 30th, 2008 Don Corelli went to each of his alliances posting:

"Thought you should know I closed my clan".

Despite Don Corelli's incredible success in the early days of his clan, he simply did not invest into the interpersonal relationships necessary among clan members. Despite this, he was one of the smartest and well-read leaders in the Clans of Battle and helped support the Knights Templar and other similar clans in immeasurable ways.

The Estacado Family

When the Estacado Family began, mafia families began to take a much different approach toward the Clans of Battle. In an almost full rejection of the type of drama that Don Corelli had invested himself into, the new split-off families: Estacado, DeLeon, and Molizzo were not interested in making alliances with investigative clans. And drama, unless at their doorstep, was no longer tolerated.

Zombie Neith, the clan leader of the Estacado Family, started her thread on September 30th, 2008. The thread would last until August, 2009 and attracted a great deal of attention. Along with DeLeon, Zombie Neith contributed to breaking the glass ceiling of "mafia clans". However, it's perhaps important to note that the Estacado and DeLeon families acted much less like mafias and more like hangout threads.

There were a few dramatic incidents sprinkled through Estacado's existence, however, Zombie Neith was very good about keeping discussion light-hearted and this broke with past traditions of the Clans of Battle.

The DeLeon Family

The DeLeon Family, another offshoot of the Corelli Family, was established by ThinkingHurts321 and became the largest mafia thread ever created. Much like the Estacado Family, ThinkingHurts321 was a committed isolationist who focused on building a solidified internal structure in her clan. ThinkingHurts321 formed the clan on October 10th, 2008.

However, unlike the Estacado Family, ThinkingHurts321 did work with Clans of Battle figures like Luc throughout the course of its history. Unlike the Estacado Family, which valued a 'mafia'-style, the DeLeon family abandoned the mafia branding almost entirely. It's worth debate whether the DeLeon Family even counted as a 'mafia' because of this.

ThinkingHurts321 was very effective in creating a new paradigm in the Clans of Battle where affiliates, such as artists and "professional bumpers" were welcome to work with her clan much in the same way other allied clans were. This generated a lot of interesting activity that wasn't always present in other clans.

The final post in the DeLeon Family occurred on March 16th, 2014. It was one of the top five longest lasting clans on Gaia.

The Molizzo Family

The Molizzo Family was one of the most controversial mafias in the Clans of Battle. Thymen Molizzo was the supposed protege of Don Corelli. Don Corelli was the protege of Vito DeAngelo. And Vito DeAngelo was the protege of Don Dragonetti. But unlike when Vito or Dino created their mafias with no hard feelings from those they learned from, Thymen stormed off and created the Molizzo Family in a tirade.

The Clans of Battle was deeply sensitive to this. Luc of the Knights Templar didn't like Thymen and Don Corelli was only compromising toward Zombie Neith and ThinkingHurts321.

With this chip on his shoulder, Thymen Molizzo, worked incredibly hard to establish his own foothold in the Clans of Battle. Without care for what others thought, he modeled much of what he did after Vito DeAngelo's family. He was even so inspired by the DeAngelo family that he eventually renamed himself 'Giuseppe DeAngelo' in honor of them.

Much like the other Corelli off-shoots, the Molizzo Family ended up becoming more or less a hangout that wasn't overly concerned with the political maneuverings of clans around them. Thymen Molizzo remained controversial and barked at many of the more dramatic things that happened in the Clans of Battle. The Molizzo Family began on September 28th, 2008 and lasted until October 13th, 2012.

The Limozzo Family

The Limozzo Family was a short-lived mafia clan that was started in October 2008. It was an undercover clan created by Luc's orders to his Knights Templar generals to make strategic alliances and alienate Thymen from the Molizzo family. After Thymen's breakup with the Corelli Family, one of the Knights Templar's strongest allies, Luc wanted to have another family in play to help support the embattled Corelli Family.

However, the Limozzo Family was broadly-speaking, a total failure. The infrastructure to build out a clan with the proper allies wasn't there and those who built the clan simply couldn't remain active across several accounts.

By November, the Limozzo Family had died.

The Pallaoro Family

The Pallaoro Family was created by Silvio Pallaoro on October 9th, 2008. Very little is known about the Pallaoro Family or Silvio's efforts. Silvio seemed to be friends with Thymen Molizzo, leader of the Molizzo Family. However, the clan barely lasted a month and died in Novemebr 2008.

The Valachi Family

Not much can be said about Kailx Valachi's family. It was born on April 15th, 2009 and did not last long. By April 2009, many major clans had disbanded and there wasn't nearly the same type of activity happening as in months prior.

The family closed and re-opened in September. By this point though, new families simply weren't making it. Kailx Valachi's 2009 experiment, while not completely un-noticed, marked a distinct failure for new formed mafia clans of the time.

This event proved that by April 2009, the Clans of Battle no longer supported new clans that weren't split-offs of already existing clans.

This concludes the Clans of Battle: Part III - "The Mafias". We hope you enjoyed reading over the wonderful past of these incredible clans and their leaders. We will continue this series with Part IV, co-written by Twelve and Herald Thorburn. It will look into the history of the largest and longest lasting clan of the Clans of Battle: Knight, a clan which still exists to this day.

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