Many Gaians began asking questions last Saturday morning finding out that longtime users, siskataya or "Sisky" and Xya were let go from Gaia's administrative staff. It should have come at no surprise that some Gaians took to Site Feedback to air their frustrations with the ouster. However, despite frustrations on-site, Gaians United was able to reach out for comment from some users who privately praised their departures.

One Gaian, who spoke to us on condition of anonymity about Xya's ouster said:

"YES, THANK GOD, Xya had a record of ignorance".

When asked whether they felt the ouster was motivated by an attempt from upper-level management to change Gaia's moderation, the user told Gaians United they believed the layoff was part of a long-term attempt to rebrand, adding:

"Xya crippled the integrity of the administrative team".

However, many users in Site Feedback vocalized displeasure with the ouster. Site moderator, Prue, offered an early condemnation of the layoffs, saying:

"I'm incredibly disgusted by the decision to let Xya go after all she has dedicated to the admin and moderator team. The CEO should be ashamed of himself".

It seems as an unintended consequence of Prue's post, threads cropped up blaming lanzer and comparing him to Schofield or "Goldemort".

A Gaian who posted a thread, titled, 'Lanzer, when will this company learn from the past' said:

"The desperation was seen then when advertising increased while [Gary and Jason] were in charge. It's happening again under YOUR administration, so I can easily conclude that you're trying to copycat".

The division and shade cropping up as a result of the ouster has led some users to condemn SF regulars outright. Gaians United writer, Red, wrote an Op-Ed earlier this afternoon calling out regular SF users as "the problem", writing:

"Instead of invalidating itself with hypocritical complaints that lanzer is Goldemort 2.0, it might help for the [Site Feedback] forum to take a step back and think about how it could contribute to truly bringing Gaia back".

Gaia User, teacup456, had the following to say in response to a thread titled 'Why I no longer consider myself a Gaian':

"A forum like site feedback shouldn't even have true 'regulars' in the first place. It should be the place where people come to explain their opinions on certain features of the site, and while some people may be more inclined to provide feedback than others, there shouldn't be this negative group of people who post their 'criticism' in this forum all the time. It's the same people, day in and day out, and tbh it really seems like this is the place for people who just like to complain".

As of late Sunday evening, it remains unclear how fractious the Site Feedback community truly is. The majority opinion seems to be that Site Feedback Gaians are upset about the removal of the longtime Customer Support Staff. However, with only a couple threads that have yet to break 100 posts a week past the ouster, it only seems to leave open the question of whether the community, in whole, will ultimately act upon its frustration.

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