Users are now being banned on Gaia without receiving any reasons for their bans. Two instances occured this past week from the banned users who spoke out in Site Feedback, yet Gaia's administration has remained silent while moderators have been unable to provide the affected parties any reasons for their bans.

On Saturday, November 18, user Rethwing made a thread in Site Feedback entitled "Banning Users Without Providing Reason Is NOT OK" to shed light on this controversy, stating:

"This is not acceptable. Even though moderators could not provide a reason, it should be a PR priority for administrators to provide a succinct reason as to why a permanent ban occurs on any account."

Site Moderator Morbid Gnome was quick to respond after the thread's creation, questioning Rethwing's interest in this, and claiming that "staff is aware of this" in response to Rethwing's concern of banned users "caught in the crossfire" from bad actors who share IP addresses.

User and Gaians United contributor Whitneys Miltank, however, disputed Morbid Gnome's claim, adding:

"If staff is aware of this, why are you and other moderators letting the staff throw you guys under the proverbial bus? You say they're aware of this but have yet to make an official response."

He followed up by calling for head admins Lanzer and Zero Omega to address the controversy.

Another Site Moderator, Prue, made several posts regarding this issue; one post stating:

"Ultimately, it's a developer concern that users are still not getting an email informing them of their ban reason. This should hopefully be fixed at some point. In the meanwhile, PMing moderators to ask the reason is the best way to do it."

When one user said they thought asking an admin to provide a ban reason via PM is the best solution that solves this problem, Prue responded, saying:

"They'd likely have to wait longer to get a PM reply than they would for a ticket anyways."

When the same user said this felt unfair, Prue concluded her post, saying:

"The current system is probably the most efficient and fair way to handle it."

Despite statements from Site Moderators Morbid Gnome and Prue however, several users have described this as "a joke" and "absolutely ridiculous". One user recommended for Gaia to start looking into taking in volunteers.

Rethwing has described Prue's account of the situation as bordering on "alternative facts", and believes there's some "reality distorting bias" coming from those defending this system and the administration.

Administrative staff have yet to make an official statement regarding this issue.

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