Earlier this summer, Gaians United editor-in-chief, Twelve announced a charity effort to raise fifty trillion gold by years end for user-run events in 2018. I'd like to release some brief details about changes regarding the charity effort.

  1. We will still be raising the equivalent of 50 trillion gold. However, we have discussed moving to platinum instead of gold. Therefore, our goal is now 5 Million Platinum.
  2. In order to best support various user-run events, we are looking to ask users for commitments rather than asking for platinum up front. This will help users who donate know the type of project their platinum will go toward. This protects the investments of our contributors and keeps our writers from feeling burdened by holding onto so much currency on any given account.
  3. Commitments will begin in September and extend through December with a goal of exceeding 6 Million Platinum in commitments.
  4. Commitments are non-binding. While we would hope that all users who sign up honor their commitment, we will not hold any form of leverage to ensure that users do so. If you plan to make a commitment to support our efforts, we would ask that you have every plan to deliver before the events begin in 2018.
  5. We're looking for partners to help design user-run events next year. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us via a message on facebook or DM on twitter.

For more information about Gaians United charities, be sure to follow us on twitter @gaiansunited and LIKE our facebook page!