With Gaia Admin Xya's ouster two months ago, it was made clear that Gaia Online was destined for a new direction. According to some users, Xya largely enabled the reign of terror that came from ex-CEO/COO Gary Schofield and Jason Loia by playing tough with users who even slightly touched gray areas in Gaia's Terms of Service. After years of being an omni-moderator who was asked to defend an administrative team that regularly banned users who didn't fully agree with the CEO, to many, Xya seemed to be a lone hold-out who refused to embrace lanzer's new direction for Gaia.

Now that the dust has settled with Xya's ouster, here are a few things we are witnessing in the Site Feedback forum:

  • Users are generally less fearful of posting opinions regarding Gaia's poor customer service in dealing with Help Center tickets
  • Users who have an abnormal obsession with defending administrators no matter how ludicrous their defense are starting to be colloquially labeled as 'brown nosers'
  • Details have emerged that 'freedom fighter', Katulain, was illegally doxxed by a noteable brown noser back in April in order to silence his dissenting opinions in Site Feedback

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