For three years, I cringed whenever I saw the statement: "Gaia is a business and has to make money somehow". With complaints raging against Flynn's Booty, Gold Generators, Massive Inflation, and users not being listened to by Goldemort, Site Feedback's regs constantly inundated the community with this toxic tagline about Gaia's survival. Now, with lanzer at the helm, it seems these same people have the audacity to make the very complaint they rebuffed during Gary and Jason's reign of terror. Now that SF regs feel comfortable to say something without the fear of being banned, they take to the forums to express a new form of their hypocritical toxicity.

The fact is simple: Gaia Online needs money to survive and it won't abandon a business model that Site Feedback regulars defended for three years. These cowards didn't stand up and fight Goldemort. Instead, they reported each other for the slightest inclination of any violation of their 'safe space'. They undermined the message of users who risked their accounts to put up a fight. After months of complaints, they downvoted all the threads that addressed hyperinflation. Instead, begging for recolors, project tickets, and more exclusivity to reward the 'investment'.

Now that the culture is being slowly purged by Gaia's leadership and users feel more empowered to speak their mind, this same Site Feedback community has the audacity to upvote and largely agree with the very same commentary they forcefully dismissed in 2013 and 2014.

It's my opinion that Lanzer and Gaia's staff should completely ignore the toxic complaints of these users who's only contribution was support of Gaia when they felt oppressed and toxicity when ultimately granted freedom. The submissive cowardice of Site Feedback regulars and whales to Schofield is what kept Gaia from innovating for so many years. Their critical commentary should be taken with a grain of salt at this point.

While an overload of announcements, Cash Shop sales, and support backlogs are still a problem, Lanzer and Co. are clearly supportive of structural reform that will get Gaia back on track. Their focus on mobile development is outstanding. Position cuts that ultimately lead to helping pay for new developers are in the site's best interest.

Site Feedback should be constructive rather than destructive. Its regular users should focus on refining details of platinum's rollout, be a source of dialogue on the new platinum grant system lanzer discussed. It should live out lanzer's 'great commission' and provide better ways of figuring out how to invite users to Gaia. Instead of invalidating itself with hypocritical complaints that lanzer is Goldemort 2.0, it might help for the forum to take a step back and think about how it could contribute to truly bringing Gaia back.

I'm going to put my money where my mouth is on this and commit to supporting Gaia both monetarily and support users, moderators and administrators who, in one spirit, look to re-define Gaia rather than sharing a petty narrative that Gaia's not improving.

My message to SF regs could not be clearer:

If you're upset, guess what? We all are. But airing complaints, taking no ownership and expecting someone else to do something about problems is not the answer. SF regs can't act like victims after attacking fellow users for years and expect that Gaia will change to suddenly benefit them.

Facts don't care about your feelings. And with the late nights and hard work lanzer and team are putting in (unlike you), he deserves your admiration... not condemnation.