As of Friday, September 1st, both admins Xya and Siskataya were let go from Gaia Interactive.

Gaia Interactive CEO, Lanzer, had the following to say in Site Feedback in a user's thread addressing the layoffs:

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry to say that it is true that some of the contractor's terms had ended recently and we couldn't continue to extend the contracts. Gaia is currently running a tight ship and we're still recovering from the damage that was done by previous management.

As some of you might know, resources for hiring or keeping contractors that work with Gaia all depends on our monthly revenue, and the decision on how many contractors we can have is more of a decision based on math than on our ideals. At the moment, we couldn't afford to have as many contractors working outside of Gaia HQ, and we also stopped a side project, so some changes were made in response to that.

My goal since my return is to keep developing for Gaia no matter what the cost is. I'd love to see more members on Gaia through continued improvements and updates, and at the same time we are also working on side projects as that is what part of our team is designated to do. The other side of this reality is that once we have more resources, we will be able to hire some our past members again.

The one constant here is that we will continue to upgrade, enhance and deliver new features for Gaia. And I hope that our new ideas will help deliver the company new resources so that we can go back to focusing on expanding the Gaia family.

A few Gaia Moderators have been openly critical of lanzer's action. Site Moderator, Prue, took to the forums saying:

I'm incredibly disgusted by the decision to let Xya go after all she has dedicated to the admin and moderator team. The CEO should be ashamed of himself.

A growing vocal portion of the userbase put an intense focus in January through April of this year on Xya and the administrative team for what they believed to be an administrative pattern of valuing procedures before people. For full disclosure, Gaians United adopted the motto of "People > Procedures" due to inspiration from the movement first popularized earlier this year. It is unknown whether or not this vocal portion of Gaia's userbase may have influenced the staff decision on what positions needed to be cut.

Gaians United has reached out to current Gaia staff for additional comment on Xya and siskataya's departure.

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